SPD Trial Skills 2021 will consist of asynchronous (independent, on your own) and synchronous (in real time with an instructor) learning described in more detail below. 

Viewing Previously-Recorded Videos

On their own, participants will watch several video lectures (below) covering the following basic skills:

  • Storytelling/Developing Theory of Defense/OWI Defense Theories
  • Opening Statement
  • Cross Examination/Impeachment
  • Closing Argument 

Instructor-Led Skill Sessions 

Participants will also engage in virtual two-hour skill sessions over a 6-week period, starting the week of March 22nd and concluding the week of May 3rd. 

During each skill session, participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills learned from the video lectures. Skill sessions will consist of 4 participants per group and be led by an experienced trial lawyer who will provide guidance and feedback. 

Participants will use a prepared OWI case to apply and practice the skills (linked below).

Voir dire and direct examination skills will be addressed during the week of May 10th as a virtual instructor-led program with lectures, demonstrations and "on your feet" practice. For the voir dire and direct examination sessions, participants will be able to use their own case or the prepared OWI case. 

For assistance with this course, please contact Chris Lang in the Training Division (langc@opd.wi.gov).