Course Viewing Instructions

--Click on the links in each segment of the course to view the videos of the presentation or the written materials. The document or video will open in a separate browser window. You can close the window when you are finished viewing the item.

--In Chrome, Firefox and Safari: The videos will begin playing right away.

--In Internet Explorer: Videos will begin playing once they have completely downloaded. Download time will depend on the length of the video clip as well as your available bandwidth.

--If you are having problems viewing the videos due to a slow internet connection, you can download them in advance by right clicking in the viewer window and choosing "save video as...".  Once it downloads, you can play it smoothly from your computer.

--If you have questions about the course content you may submit those through Chris Lang at

--Contact Chris Lang, if you have problems or questions about viewing the course. 
Last modified: Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 12:02 PM